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Inner Dynamics is a specialized training for life coaches, therapists, consultants and trainers in the human relations realm. The training itself is a course at the iNLP Center and housed at Inner Dynamics Training.

This article reviews principle #1. Inner Dynamics reveals a series of principles that also serve as steps to a unique inner healing protocol. Working in alignment with the principles will yield the best results.

Inner Dynamics Principle #1

Locate the core self. 

Above all else, the self must be present for healing to occur. No core self, no healing. To better understand and apply this principle, let’s define the core self – what it is and isn’t so that you can recognize when you’re in it.

What is the Core Self?

The core self is the “part” of you that isn’t a part. Meaning, when you’re experiencing the core self, you’re “just you.” The core self has wonderful, almost too-good-to-be-true qualities.

When you’re in the core self, you are:

• Compassionate
• Calm
• Patient
• Curious
• Mature (at your current age)
NOT triggerable. 

The core self is immune to typical triggers that set off other parts of you. This may be the greatest gift of the self, to experience problems and conflict without getting triggered into an emotional reaction. This will be particularly useful when dealing with inner parts that are struggling and need to heal.

If you’re being triggered and feeling it, you are NOT in your core self.

How to Enter your Core Self

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